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3 thoughts on “Life Insurance: Its high time industry launches a protection campaign

  1. But still people do not like to discuss about their death from an insurance Agent. It is a difficult task for the Agents.

  2. Protection cover is the best for the customers.
    By offering such cover, insurers have to realigh their business plans by understanding both impact on top line and bottom line.
    Distributors have to understand more about the protection needs of the customer rather than focusing only on their remunerations. I think fee based remuneration model for distributor should be tried.
    If protection products are popular with non life and health insurance companies, I do not think that such types of products will not be popular with life insurance companies. Also awareness in the society regarding purchase of such products is increasing.

  3. The future of Life insurance is definitely term and health as people want to spend more now as compared to those earlier days.

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