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6 thoughts on “Persistency of Life Insurance policies in India

  1. Sai.. congratulations.Good that you have joined the movement of universal coverage. I myself been doing this for decades now . It is a squirrel service. We are now only very few and the nation is big. Please encourage youngster actuaries to build new innovative products….Murthy

  2. There is no platform for now which gives a brief layman analysis of the policy with impartial advise. If agents were to be believed, mis-selling is unavoidable.

    1. I have observed that of all sorts of insurance, medical health insurance is the most dubious because of the issue between the insurance coverage company’s necessity to remain making money and the user’s need to have insurance policy. Insurance companies’ profits on well being plans are certainly low, as a result some companies struggle to earn profits. Thanks for the concepts you share through this site.

  3. Lapsation of life insurance policy is a chronic disease which harms the policyholders, distributors and the insurance companies. Insurance Awareness Programmes highlighting the importance of insurance from long term perspective to the public and the policyholders will help improve the persistency.

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